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Cast & Crutch Products

Cast & Crutch Products
At IthacaSports, we know that having to deal with a cast is no fun at all. However, we have a number of products that can make it a little more bearable. With premium cast covers by DryPro and AquaShield, you will be able to shower and bathe again. We carry walking shoes, and cast protectors to help you be more mobile, and Cast Cozies to keep toes warm in the winter. We have PICC and prosthetic covers as well, to help those with chronic injuries.

Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Covers (Free Shipping)
Millennial Medical Folding Crutches (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$145.00
Sale Price:$119.00
Aluminum Adjustable Crutch Pair
Regular Price:$57.50
Sale Price:$37.50
Evenup Shoe Balancer for Walking Cast (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$54.95
Sale Price:$34.95
AquaShield Cast and Bandage Protector
Cast Comfort Spray- Stop Itching (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$24.99
Sale Price:$19.99
Cast Cozy Toe Cover Sock (Free Shipping)
Elasto-Gel Crutch Pads (Free Shipping)
Cramer Foam Cast Cover 2 Sheets (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$49.99
Sale Price:$38.50
Elasto-Gel Crutch Mate - Forearm Crutch Pads Pair (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$36.50
Sale Price:$26.99
Elasto-Gel Crutch Arm Pads (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$31.99
Sale Price:$27.99
Elasto-Gel Crutch-Mate Standard Hand Pads Pair (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$24.99
Sale Price:$18.99
Elasto-Gel Crutch & Arm Pad Combo Pack (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$55.99
Sale Price:$44.99
Darco Body Armor Cast Shoe (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$32.99
Sale Price:$24.99
DryPro™ PICC Protector Cover (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$49.95
Sale Price:$40.95
Dry Pro Ostomy Protector Cover (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$69.50
Sale Price:$55.95

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