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Myomed / MyoNatural (Free Shipping)

Myomed / MyoNatural (Free Shipping)
Please note that Myo-Med is changing its name to MyoNatural!. The same great product, only with a new name!

Myo-Med/MyoNatural is a wonderful new addition to our line of topical analgesics. Unlike some other creams, MyoNatural has been designed by doctors and therapists to deliver anti-inflammatory and pain-relief compounds quickly to damaged cells and tissues. MyoNatural contains Celaplex (a proprietary blend of CFAs, bryonia alba, rhus toxicodendron, shark liver oil, garlic oil, and vitamin E combined with a nano delivery system) and a small amount of menthol (1.25%).

Discover just how effective MyoNatural is at reducing pain and increasing mobility, we think that you will love it!

MYOMED / MYONATURAL 16 oz Pump (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$86.00
Sale Price:$79.95
Myomed / MyoNatural 3 oz Bottle (Free Shipping)
Regular Price:$27.99
Sale Price:$24.95

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