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Sombra Cream

Sombra Cream

Sombra Professional Therapy Products rank among the best on the market today, and are among the most popular products at our store. Used by thousands of chiropractors, massage therapists, and health practitioners around the country, Sombra's natural pain-releiveing gels are great for chronic conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, and even peripheral neuropathy. Of course, they work well for minor aches and pains, muscle soreness, and sprains. Sombra is available in two distinct styles: a warm formula featuring a combination of camphor and menthol as active ingredients; a cool formula that containins menthol only. Additionally, we are proud to feature Sombra's line of high-quality massage oils and creams, as well as their specialty ultrasound lotions an gels. As one of Sombra's US distributors, we are proud to be able to offer free economy shipping to our customers within the United States.

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