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Torex Roll-On Sleeve - Small - 4x6 (Free Shipping)

Torex Roll-On Sleeve - Small - 4x6 (Free Shipping)
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Item Number: TRX-TXRT4060
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Torex Small Hot / Cold Therapy Pack (Single)

Torex Small cold / hot pack is different than most packs. It simply rolls on and allows for 360 cold/compression (or heat) to the injured area. It stays in place without tape or wraps.


  • The small is usually used for elbows and wrists (or really small calves etc).
  • Made of a comfortable polyurethane that is nontoxic and latex free. It does not freeze solid so it is very comfortable.
  • The small fits circumference of 4" to 10".
  • The manufacturer includes an insulating compression sleeve for use under the cold pack if needed.
  • Manufacturer has a 100% satisfaction 90 day warranty

MPN: TXRT4060.

UPC: 728795576189.

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