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PowerSplint Finger Protection Splint (Free Shipping)

PowerSplint Finger Protection Splint (Free Shipping)
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Free Shipping
PowerSplint Finger Protection Splint (Free Shipping)
PowerSplint Finger Protection Splint (Free Shipping)
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PowerSplint Finger Protection Splints for Athletes

Every once and a while, we encounter a truly innovative new product. Players, coaches, and athletic trainers alike have great things to say about these amazing splints! Made with an impact-resistant, non-metal core, these splints can withstand the rigors of play. The unique design helps to hold the splint firmly in place, without the need for any sort of buddy-taping. Protective side wings and velcro help to insure a comfortable, protective fit. These splints are small enough to fit inside softball and baseball mitts, and stretchy enough to fit on top of batter or football gloves.

PowerSplint Features:

  • Made of impact-resistant material to help protect fingers.
  • Velcro and stretch materials protect fingers without the need for buddy taping.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear, this splint allows for an excellent range of motion.
  • Durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.
  • Available in 3 sizes.

Sizing Chart: Measure from the base to the tip of the finger.

Size Length
SM 1.5'' - 2.25''
MD 2.25'' - 2.75''
LG 2.75''+

Black - SM: 0206; MD: 0202; LG: 0210.

Black - SM: 85689004176; MD: 85689004138; LG: 85689004213

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