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Vettex DoubleGuard MouthGuard with Lip Protection (Free Shipping)

Available in over 20 Colors!
Vettex DoubleGuard MouthGuard with Lip Protection  (Free Shipping)
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Vettex DoubleGuard MouthGuard with Lip Protection  (Free Shipping)
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Item Number: VTX-MG
Regular Price:$13.99
Sale Price:$9.99, 3/$26.95, 10/$83.95
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Vettex Strapped Mouthguard with Lip Protection

As seen on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine, the Vettex mouthguard/lipguard is the industry standard for football players around the country! Used by athletes at all levels of ability, this strapped lipguard is both economical and effective. Available in a huge selection of colors, as well as in adult and youth sizes!

Vettex Features:

  • Pliable thermo rubber for greater impact absorbtion.
  • Breathing holes for enhanced performance.
  • Adjustable and durable tether.
  • Comes in almost two dozen colors.
  • Dental warranty.
  • Youth (ages 8-11) and adult (ages 11+) sizing.

Adult = Model 25; Youth = Model 23.

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