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2 Biofreeze Tubes & 2 Sombra 4oz Special
2 Biofreeze Tubes & 2 Sombra 4oz Special

2 Biofreeze Tubes & 2 Sombra 4oz Special

Item Number: SOM-BIO
Regular Price: $51.96
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2 Sombra Warm2 Sombra Cool1 Cool-1 Warm
  • Description
Get a discount when you buy two of our favorite pain reliving products together. Save money on a combination pack of 2 Biofreeze tubes and 2 Sombra 4oz jars. Both Biofreeze and Sombra are highly effective pain relievers, and many people find that alternating their application or using them for different injuries can be the most effective.

Biofreeze gel contains 3.5% menthol and also has Ilex to help relieve pain. Sombra's cool therapy cream has 6% menthol for a colder sensation, as well as other natural extracts including aloe vera, witch hazel, and green tea. The Sombra warm therapy cream has 3% menthol and 3% camphor to provide a warming sensation, and it also has the same herbal extracts. Sombra products have no artificial dyes or scents, so many people find them to be gentle on the skin.

Try alternating Biofreeze with Sombra cool to see which situations are best for each product, or alternate Biofreeze with Sombra warm by using Sombra's warm therapy before a workout to help loosen muscles and Biofreeze's cold therapy to help prevent soreness and inflammation. Sombra cream and Biofreeze gel are ideal for home use and for injuries that benefit from deep-tissue massage. They are all great products; what is your magic combination?

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Beaverton, OR asked:
January 8, 2013
Does the odor evaporate as quickly with sombra as it does with bio freeze?
The sombra does not have such a strong odor to begin with (more citrus type smell) and does dissapate quickly.
Submitted by: January 9, 2013