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Groin / Hip

Groin strains are a very common sports injury, and is typically caused by overuse of the muscle of the inner thigh (adductor longus). Usually, this means it is caused by a sudden sprint or change of direction, jumping to catch a ball or pass, landing after such a jump, or running uphill. Other contributing factors are what you might expect: poor warm up and stretching before activity, poor technique, or even getting hit or being knocked off-balance by another player. Whatever the reason for the injury, the usual symptoms may range from mild discomfort to extreme pain, spasm, and weakness. Like many injuries, icing immediately after the injury can help to reduce swelling and improve recovery time. Likewise, wraps and sleeves can be used to provide targeted compression and limit swelling. We offer several compression wraps from leading manufactuerrs that are intended to help you recover from groin strains and pulls.