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Calf & Shin

Here at IthacaSports, we receive a large number of calls that concern calf and shin injuries. Perhaps the most common are calf strains and (of course) shin splints. As you may know, shin splints are particularly common among athletes of all types, but particularly affect runners and tennis players. While the causes for shin splints are many (inadequate stretching, poor footwear, excessive stress), usually rest is required for healing to take place. That said, we carry a number of products that are intended to help you resist shin splints and strained muscles by providing compressive and thermal benefits. We carry calf sleeves and compression wraps by Zensah, Mueller, Cho-Pat, McDavid and Shock Doctor. These sleeves and wraps can range from lightweight performance running gear (Zensah and McDavid), to heavier sleeves (some Shock Doctor and Mueller models). In addition, we also have the Shin Splint Wrap by Cho-Pat, long a favorite of athletes everywhere. We also carry topical analgesics that may help to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by strains, strains, pulls, and shin splints.