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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation, tear or excessive stretching of the plantar fascia of the foot. The fascia is a fibrous band of tissue that runs the length of  the bottom of the foot and attaches to the heel and to the base of the toes.

Some possible causes of plantar fasciitis is overpronation of the foot, long distance running, aging, and weight gain. These factors place extra stress on the area of the plantar fascia. Bone spurs (calcium deposits) can occur where the fascia is torn from the bone.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis:

  • pain on the heel where the plantar fascia attaches
  • the pain is usually worse in the morning due to the fascia having time to contract
  • usually the first steps out of bed are the most painful until the fascia has time to stretch out

  • Recommended Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis:
  • R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
  • Decrease activity
  • Wear a night splint to help keep the fascia stretched
  • Avoid downhill and hard surface running like cement
  • Apply Ice for 10-15 minutes after workout and throughout the day (make sure you do not give your self ice burn)
  • Massage - you can roll your foot over a tennis ball (for example)
  • Properly stretch the calf muscle
  • Decrease pronation problems with proper shoes and orthotics
  • As with any orthopedic injury, please always consult with a sports medicine professional