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Field Hockey

Here in central New York, field hockey is an extremely popular sport enjoyed by many. Even though field hockey is classifies as a non-contact sport, everyone knows that injuries can and do occur from contact with the stick, ball, or contact with another player. These accidental hits make facial protection extremely important, so approved masks and goggles are a must, as is a good-quality mouthguard. Ankle and knee injuries are are also quite common, and here at IthacaSports we carry a wide variety of braces and supports that will help you recover from injury and possibly avoid a new one. We also carry accessories such as Powerflex tape for spatting cleats, wrapping wrists, or a grip-tape. Meanwhile, Mueller foam pre-wrap has long been a favorite choice for a colorful hair-tie among players. Whatever the problem we are here you help you find the products you need. Simply call us at 800.716.9382, or email us at questions@ithacasports.com, and we will be happy to help you find the answer!