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Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is serious business. Athletes who participate in this sport place their bodies under immense stress, often pushing themselves to the furthest limits of what the body can withstand. Even with the best technique, injuries can and do happen in gyms across the country every day. Since much of a lifter’s power comes from the lower body, and since so much time is spent on training that area (squats, lunges, lifts), many weightlifters report tendinitis of the knee and shin, as well as pain in the hips and quadriceps. Obviously, back injuries are very common in the sport, with nearly every lifter experiencing a back strain or sprain at some point. Finally, because of the routine overhead lifting (eg, lat raises, bench press, shoulder press), the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder are prone to injury as well. At IthacaSports, we carry some products designed to help you lift more safely and comfortably (gloves and tape). We also have a huge selections or braces intended to help treat particular strains and sprains a lifter might encounter. We also have a great selection of hot/cold therapy products that can help reduce swelling and promote recovery.