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Andover Powerflex Sports Tape

This is not to be used in hair. Please purchase prewrap for use as hair tie.

This tape does not have adhesive on it. If you are looking for colored adhesive tape, please take a look at our colored mtape by Mueller

PowerFlex tape is sweat and water resistant and will not slip like traditional taping methods. Taping players with PowerFlex eliminates the need for pre-wrap and spray adhesives. Simply apply PowerFlex tape directly to the skin. You can use trainers white tape over the Powerflex. It can also be used to keep bandages in place.

Available by the roll or by the case.

More info:

Power Flex is sweat and water resistant and will not slip like conventional taping techniques. Taping with Power Flex gets rid of the requirement for pre-wrap and spray adhesives. Just apply Power Flex straight to the skin. You can use what some call "fitness instructors white tape" over the Power flex. It can also be used to keep bandages in place.

This is what the majority of people truly desire in a cohesive tape considering that most likely scissors will not be readily available. This specific sports tape likewise has a very high tensile strength (more than most ). This permits the tape to stay intact and will not break down when faced with high tension in a difficult environment.

Andover's PowerFlex Self Adhesive Tape comes in a variety of colors to meet your group's needs! Utilize this tape to cover an ankle or a wrist and it will always do the task that is required. This tape can be utilized in numerous various situations for athletes and athletic trainers alike!.

Powerflex is the latest and most flexible in current development in athletic tape. Since it does not have adhesive, it does not adhere to skin and can be utilized in place of prewrap, but due to the fact that it stays by itself it can be used to hold gauze pads and bandages in location.

Likewise, because of the variety of colors it is frequently used for wrapping wrists and devices in group colors or for causes (i.e. pink for breast cancer awareness). Readily available colors include: black, blue, green, grey, light blue, lime green, maroon, navy, orange, purple, red, tan, teal, white, yellow, and glitter color options.

Each roll is 6 yds long. Porous tape enables perspiration to get away. The amount of rolls per box depends on the width. A high strength, versatile tape for a large range of usages. Easy to tear, no scissors needed.

To review: Tape is flexible and sticks just to itself - not to skin. Sweat and water-resistant. Ideal for taping bandages on knees, elbows, and locations that need flexibility. Powerflex is the most recent and most versatile recent advancement in athletic tape. Pink for breast cancer awareness in Pinktober is popular. Powerflex is frequently utilized in medical (and veterinary) settings to hold catheters or IVs in location.

Durable yet simple to tear by hand. A transparent adhesive system that does not diminish the colored fabric backing. Our long lasting fabric support of natural and artificial fibres offers superior abrasion resistance leading to long-lasting performance. Numerous gamers discover that other colored cloth tapes on the market don't last as long.

Powerflex is frequently used in medical (and veterinary) settings to hold catheters or IVs in place. Although Powerflex does not supply the more rigid support of a "normal" athletic tape, it is ideal for situations where versatility is more than support.