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ENGO Blister Prevention Patch

ENGO™ Blister Products are, in our opinion, simply amazing at helping people reduce the friction and rubbing that can lead to blisters and hot spots. These self-adhesive patches, when used as part of an overall care regimen, are an invaluable addition to conventional gel or bandage coverings in the treatment and prevention of blisters. Convenient and easy to use, simply apply ENGO patches to footwear, insoles, or athletic equipment, and the long-lasting, low-friction ENGO surface will do the rest!

ENGO™ Features:

  • Applied directly to shoes, or equipment, not to skin!
  • Great for all types of footwear.
  • Helps reduce friction from prosthetics, braces, and equipment.
  • Can be used to relieve discomfort from hammer toe, calluses, heel spurs, and bunions.
  • Reduces friction from paddles, oars, rake and shovel handles.
  • Sweat-proof and latex-free.
1 Question & 1 Answer
from Ojai, Ca asked:
January 14, 2020
Hello, which patch is best for heel blisters? I have skinny heels. Thank  you!
We would suggest the Back of Heal Blister Patch for that particular issue.  Here is the link: https://www.ithacasports.com/hewrbyen2paf.html.
Submitted by: January 16, 2020