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Since its humble beginning back in 1895, Volleyball has rapidly grown in size and popularity with millions of high-school, college, professional, and recreational players worldwide. Certainly, Olympic-level play is a joy to watch, but nearly everyone has participated in a casual match at some point in their lives. Given that so much of the game is centered around crouching, jumping, and diving, it should come as no surprise that ankle and knee injuries are quite common. In addition, hand injuries (particularly thumb sprains) are routinely seen by athletic trainers. Back injuries can result from jumping, twisting, bending backward, and landing. Finally, volleyball players suffer from injuries common to many court sports: shin splints, calf and groin strains, and hamstring pulls to name only a few. IthacaSports has a broad array for braces, splints, and wraps intended to assist in recovering from many of these common sports injuries. We carry excellent products from top sports medicine manufacturers such as Cho-Pat, McDavid, Shock Doctor, Mueller, Thermoskin, and Zensah. Let us help you take the court with confidence!

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