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Ice Skating

Here in Ithaca NY, temperatures are below freezing for quite a few months out of the year. As such, pond hockey and ice skating are popular pastimes that people enjoy in order to remain active throughout the year. Whatever the reason, skating is an enjoyable way to exercise and simply let off a little steam. However, being on the ice brings its own set of risks, and people often slip, slide, and fall. The end result can be bruises, sprains, strains, muscle ache, and other minor injuries. Here at IthacaSports, we have braces and wraps that are intended to help you recover from these minor injuries. We also carry protective gear for elbows, knees and wrists; all common points of contact when a fall occurs on the ice. We have hot/cold therapy products to help with strains, sprains and pulls. Of course, IthacaSports also carries a complete line of topical analgesics that may help with pain and discomfort as well.