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Fencing is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years and is loved by many. Whether youíre fencing for fun or fencing to win, Ithaca Sports has everything you need to compete at your best. Fencers are tough, but even the toughest competitors face sprains, strains and muscle tears. When that happens, Ithaca Sports is your go to website for everything you need to nurse yourself back to health. Many times, fencers injure ankles and knees. We stock hundreds of compression sleeves, wraps and braces from brands like McDavid, Shock Doctor, Thermoskin, Cho-Pat and many more. Knee braces like the Pro-Tec Hinged Knee Support provide maximum support and stability while still allowing full range of motion. At Ithaca Sports we know that bruising and blisters are a common occurrence in fencing. We carry an assortment of products that intended to protect and help heal bruising and blisters. For instance, the Spenco Blister Kit is packed with everything you need to help prevent blisters and to reduce the chance of making existing blisters worse. If you still canít find what youíre looking for, we have customer representatives and an athletic trainer who are happy to help. Just call 1-800-716-9382 or email us at questions@ithacasports.com. Our customers and their sport safety needs are our number one priority, so whatever youíre needs, your friends at Ithaca Sports have got you covered!