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The art of the gymnast is to make that which is incredibly difficult look effortless and easy. Each pass, tumble, and routine is the result of countless hours of hard training, preparation, and practice. Few sports are as taxing on the body as gymnastics, and gymnasts can experience a wide range of injuries over the years. Sprains, strains, bruising, and dislocations are common. Particularly vulnerable areas include the ankle, knee, elbow, hands, and wrists. Gymnasts frequently find that they suffer lower-back pain, and are also prone to injuring the Achilles Tendon. As gymnasts progress, the increasing difficulty of routines also increases their overall risk of injury, and so athletes, coaches, parents, and athletic trainers must be vigilant in monitoring pain and discomfort, as any problems left untreated might be a source of chronic pain in the future. At IthacaSports, we have braces, supports, wraps, and compression gear to assist the gymnast in your life. We also have accessories like Powerflex, athletic tape, pre-wrap, blister care items, and Cramer Tuf-Skin. Give us a call, and let us know how we can help you!