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Powerflex Sports Tape Roll by Andover

This is not to be used in hair. Please purchase prewrap for use as hair tie.

Power Flex is sweat and water resistant and will not slip like traditional taping methods. Taping players with Power Flex eliminates the need for pre-wrap and spray adhesives. Simply apply Power Flex directly to the skin. You can use trainers white tape over the Power flex. It can also be used to keep bandages in place.

This type of athletic tape tears easily by hand and will not need scissors. This is what most people really want in a cohesive tape since most likely scissors will not be available.

This particular sports tape also has a very high tensile strength (more than most). This allows the tape to stay intact and will not break down when faced with high tension in a stressful environment.

This tape does not use adhesive and only sticks to itself.

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