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3pp Scar Rx

3pp Scar Rx3-Point Products ScarRX is a prescription for softer, less noticeable scars.

This system offers the 3 components of optimal scar recovery: Moisturizing, Mobilizing and Applying Gentle, Even Pressure


  • Sacred Earth Botanicals lotion and Sacred Earth Botanicals Oil.
    • Unscented, hypo-allergenic and paraben free.
    • Provides excellent glide and drag for deep tissue massage
    • Rich with vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Certified Organic Oils.
Movement and Mobility
  • SkinSational Deep tissue massage and scar mobilization.
    • Massages and mobilizes scars comfortably with a soft, rubber head that gently mobilizes scar tissue.
    • Comfortably massages oils or lotions into scarred area to promote the reduction of discoloration and discomfort.
    • Relieves adhesions and aids circulation for faster healing with smoother, more pliable skin.

Gentle Pressure

  • Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheet for Scarring Pad
    • Contains medical grade silicone that helps the scar remain moist during the healing process
    • Helps reduce adhesions, redness and prevent hypertrophic scars.
    • Stretches skin comfortably and helps area heal smoothly.
    • Self-adheres so no tape is necessary
    • Sheet trims easily.
    • Washable and reusable, can last for months with proper use and care


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