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3PP Cindy Splint - LEFT XL Clearance*
3PP Cindy Splint - LEFT XL Clearance*

3PP Cindy Splint - LEFT XL Clearance*

Item Number: 3PP-3011
Regular Price: $30.99
(Save 42%)
  • Description

Cindy Wrist Splint by 3PP

This is a fantastic splint that offers moderate support of the wrist, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by Carpal Tunnel, repetitive use injuries, arthritis, sprains, and strains. Designed with the busy office worker in mind, it holds the wrist in a neutral position, while allowing for full use of the thumb and fingers.

Cindy Splint Features:

  • Incorporates flexible stays that help maintain wrist position and relieve pressure on the carpal tunnel.
  • Made of a durable padded material to maximize comfort.
  • Allows for full use of the fingers and thumb while limiting wrist motion.
  • Available in Left or Right orientations.
  • Splint is approximately 6'' in length.

Sizing Chart and Instructions: Simply measure the circumference of the wrist and refer to the chart below.

XS4¼'' to 5¼''
SM5¼'' to 6¼''
MD6¼'' to 7¼''
LG7¼'' to 8¼''
XL8¼'' to 9¼''

RIGHT MPN: XS: P3011-R1, SM: P3011-R2, MD: P3011-R3, LG: P3011-R4, XL: P3011-R5.
LEFT MPN: XS: P30011-L1, SM: P3011-L2, MD: P3011-L3, LG: P3011-L4, XL: P3011-L5.

RIGHT UPC: XS: 847208001480, SM: 847208001497, MD: 847208001503, LG: 847208001510, XL: 847208001527.
LEFT UPC: XS: 847208001435, SM: 847208001442, MD: 847208001459, LG: 847208001466, XL: 847208001473.