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3PP Reflex Putty - Green *

3PP Reflex Putty - Green *

Reflex™ Putty by 3PP

More and more health care providers and physical therapists are recommending the use of Reflex Putty to help strengthen hands, fingers, and forearms. Unlike most putties, the Reflex™ putty can be both squeezed to strengthen hands, as well as pulled (just like an exercise band!) for increased arm strength. Excellent for improving grip and hand strength, it is perfect as part of an overall rehabilitation program. It is also extensively used by in top-level athletes who play tennis, baseball, climbing, racquetball, and other sports.

Reflex™ Putty Features:

  • Three resistance levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy.
  • 90cc of putty in each container.
  • Can be squeezed or pulled, allowing it to be used to increase both hand and forearm strength.
  • Excellent for athletes and patients who wish to improve their grip.

MPN: Light: P7002-2, Medium: P7000-3, Heavy: P7003-4

UPC: Light: 847208001718, Medium: 847208001725, Heavy: 847208001732