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3PP Step Up Finger Splint*
3PP Step Up Finger Splint*

3PP Step Up Finger Splint*

Item Number: 3PP-1200
Regular Price: $40.99
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  • Description

Step Up™ Splint by 3PP

The Step Up™ Splint has been designed to gradually straighten the middle and end joints of the finger. Lightweight and easy to use, the user can adjust the tension to help straighten fingers that are frozen in a flexed position. Great for jammed fingers, as well as fingers contracted on account of fractures or tendon injuries.

Step Up Splint Features:

  • Lightweight splint allows the wearer to control the force.
  • Helps straighten fingers frozen in a contracted position.
  • Also assists with Boutonniere Deformity, jammed fingers, and some tendon injuries.
  • Foam-lined straps and pads are comfortable to wear.
  • Fits left or right hand.
  • Foam pads are latex-free.

Sizing Chart and Instructions: Measure length from web space to fingertip and width at proximal phalanx. Fits right or left hand. If between sizes, the manufacturer recommends going with the larger size.

SizeWeb Space to Tip
SM1½'' - 2'' (3.8 - 5cm)
MD1¾'' - 3⅛'' (4.4 - 8.3cm)
LG3'' - 3½'' (7.6 - 8.9cm)

Please Note: Sizing and fitting by a health care provider is strongly recommended.

MPN: SM: P1200-2, MD: P1200-3: LG:P1200-4.

UPC: SM: 847208000568, MD: 847208000575, LG: 847208000582.