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Andover VictoryTape Case
Andover VictoryTape Case
Andover VictoryTape Case
Andover VictoryTape Case
Andover VictoryTape Case

Andover VictoryTape Case

Item Number: VICT-CASE
Regular Price: $90.99
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  • Description

Andover VictoryTape Case

The Andover VictoryTape is intended to be used in conjunction with the Andover PowerFlex non-adhesive tape. VictoryTape is the cost effective version of the PowerTape. Simply apply the VictoryTape over the PowerFlex Tape for a strong finish. When the two are used together it creates a long lasting, durable wrapping system. The VictoryTape is non-adhesive and sticks only to itself or PowerFlex. This tape has very little stretch which makes it ideal for wrapping ankles, wrists, knees and more! VictoryTape is liquid resistant allowing the user to comfortably wear this tape during hours of physical activity or while swimming. Although the tape has less than 1% stretch, the user's range of motion will not be hindered. Great for athletes who are looking for a next level taping experience!

VictoryTape Features:

  • Intended to be used over the Andover PowerFlex Tape.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Unlike cloth tapes, VictoryTape has less than 1% stretch.
  • Water resistant
  • Available in three sizes; 1" x 15yds (48 rolls/case), 1.5" x 15yds (32 rolls/case), and 2" x 15yds (24 rolls/case).
  • Choose from two colors; black or white.

MPN: Black 1in: TACP-120PU-150BK100-048 ; Black 1.5in: TACP-120PU-150BK150-032 ; Black 2in: TACP-120PU-150BK200-024 ; White 1in: TACP-120PU-150WH100-048 ; White 1.5in: TACP-120PU-150WH150-032 ; white 2in: TACP-120PU-150WH200-024

UPC: Black 1in: 50001873 ; Black 1.5in: 50001880 ; Black 2in: 50001897 ; White 1in: 50001828 ; White 1.5in: 50001583 ; white 2in: 50001576