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Award Winning In Motion Pro Folding Crutches (Free Shipping)
In-Motion Pro Millennial Medical Folding Crutches

Award Winning In Motion Pro Folding Crutches (Free Shipping)

Item Number: MILL-CRU
Regular Price: $165.00
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Grey 4' 6 inches to 5' 6 inchesGrey 5' 7 inches to 6' 10 inchesGrey 6' 10 inches to 7' 3 (+5.00)
  • Description
This crutch was given the National Merit Award for best new product of 2005-2006 for the product that most improves the quality of life.

Here are the reasons this product won the award:

Comfortable Underarm Cradle

  • much more stable than the ordinary crutch

  • there is much less reliance on the underarm pressure thus reducing back and shoulder stress

  • there is more surface area which increases walking stability, is more comfortable, and decreases underarm fatigue

  • Ergonomic Grip

  • the crutch has is shock-absorbing and is built at a 12 degree angle which helps to provide the greatest amount of blood flood and decrease nervous system trauma
  • will help reduce the possiblity of carpal tunnel sydrome and wrist tenonitis problems

  • Folding Design

  • most crutches are hard to deal with in crowded settings, plaines, cars, restaurants etc. but these crutches are collapsible and are easy to store (even in an overhead bin on an airplane) or in a closet (for example the next time your daughter slides into home plate)

  • Shock Absorber / Power Assist

  • this crutch actually has a shock absorber built in but yet is still very stable

  • 1 Question & 1 Answer
    from Texas asked:
    January 15, 2024
    Hi, what is the weight limit for these crutches up to 6'6"?
    The underarm crutches suggest a weight limit of 400 lbs for the underarm crutches and 300 for the forearm.
    Submitted by: January 24, 2024