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Back-A-Line Products

Back-A-Line Back Support Products

Here at IthacaSports, we understand a thing or two about pain releif, and how imortant it is to find product that will help you find long-term solutions. That's why we decided to carry Back-A-Line's amazing back support products. Back-A-Line focuses on alleviating spinal pain by correcting spinal mechanics and posture. Each brace creates proprioceptice feedback, which simply means that your body works naturally in conjunction with the belt to promote stonger muscles and poperly align spinal tissues.

All Back-A-Line Supports Feature:

  • Breathable, non-stretch fabric minimizes heat build-up and slipping.
  • A patented firm and curved lumbar pad helps produce excellent support and proper posture.
  • Strengthens core muscles of the midsection and lower back, providing releif from pain and injury.
  • Hook-and-loop closure guarantees a perfect fit.
  • All Back-A-Line products can be submitted under Medicare (use code #L0626).

Back-A-Line's innovative ergonomic and orthopedic designs offer excellent support, and help reduce the risk of back injuries associated with lifting, athletic training, and continuous motion. Whle no back support can reverse existing damage to the spine, these products can help reduce the pain associated with previous injuries. Most people find relief after a fairly short ''break-in'' period.