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Bangerz ELITE PEV Women's Lacrosse and Field Hockey Goggles

Bangerz ELITE PEV Women's Lacrosse and Field Hockey Goggles

Bangerz ELITE Women's Lacrosse and Field Hockey Goggles

The Bangerz ELITE goggles are designed for Women's Lacrosse and Field Hockey players. These goggles are intended to improve vision and protect the eyes. The ELITE goggles are made with a Hydrophobic Lens that is five times stronger than Polycarbonate shields. The ELITE goggles were designed with comfort in mind! The goggles include a latex free padding that is soft and comfortable on the face. The ELITE goggles are designed in a way that improves the visions color contrast and will not hinder field of vision. These goggles are a must have for Women's Lacrosse and Field Hockey players!

ELITE Goggle Features:

  • Designed with a scratch and waterproof lens.
  • Liquids, mud and dirt are intended to roll right off of the lenses.
  • Anti-Fog protection for constant enhanced visibility.
  • Shock resistant lenses.
  • Includes an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.
  • Approved for ASTM F3077-14: Women's Lacrosse.
  • Approved for ASTN F2713-14: Field Hockey.

Please note: the manufacturer has informed us that many players have a tendency to overtighten the strap on these goggles. Doing so may contribute to fogging (because of the restriction of air-flow), as well as create uncomfortable pressure points. By lessening the tension in the strap (especially during pre-game warm-up while body temperature rises), players can both minimize fogging and maximize comfort. Like any piece of equipment, these goggles should always be checked for proper fit and integrity prior to use.