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Ultra-Stick Adult Football Gloves - Gold and White
Ultra-Stick Adult Football Gloves - Gold and White

Ultra-Stick Adult Football Gloves - Gold and White

Item Number: BSS-9327
Regular Price: $28.99
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Youth SMYouth MDYouth LGYouth XLAdult SM (+10.00)Adult MD (+10.00)Adult LG (+10.00)Adult XL (+10.00)Adult 2XL (+10.00)
  • Description

Ultra-Stick Adult Football Gloves - Gold and White

The Battle Sport Football Gloves are a must have for football players of all ages. The Ultra-Stick palm is intended to improve your ball handling, ball grip and performance on the field. The 'Ultra Tack' palm provides non-slip grip up to the certified stick limit. These football gloves were designed to be breathable and ultra-conforming for the best fit possible. The hook and loop closure at the wrist can be loosened or tightened for a snug and comfortable fit. Battle Sport's Ultra-Stick Gloves have a durable stitch meant to hold up against wear and tear.

Ultra-Stick Glove Features:

  • Wrist portion of the glove has hook and loop closures that will not restrict the use of the wrist.
  • The Football gloves are intended to improve grip and handling of the football.
  • Reinforced stitching make the gloves durable and tough.
  • Intended be breathable and comfortable to wear for long durations.

Sizing Chart: Measure the length from the bottom of the palm of the hand, to the tip of the middle finger.:

Youth SM6.5"
Youth MD6.625"
Youth LG7.0"
Youth XL7.125"
Adult SM7.5"
Adult MD7.625"
Adult LG8.0"
Adult XL8.125"
Adult 2XL8.125"+

MPN: Adult SM:9327AS; Adult MD:9327AM; Adult LG:9327AL; Adult XL:9327AXL; Adult 2XL:9327AXXL; Youth SM:9327YS; Youth MD:9327YM; Youth LG:9327YL; Youth XL:9327YXL

UPC: Adult SM:811243033928; Adult MD:811243033911; Adult LG:811243033904; Adult XL:811243033898; Adult 2XL:811243033881; Youth SM:811243033966; Youth MD:811243033959; Youth LG:811243033942; Youth XL:811243033935