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Battle Sports Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguard
Battle Sports Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguard

Battle Sports Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguard

Item Number: BSS-BINKY
Regular Price: $33.99
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  • Description

Battle Sports Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguard

Add style and quirk to your mouthguard collection with a Battle Oxygen Binky Mouthguard. The Oxygen lip guard mouthguard features a larger breathing hole than its competitors, enabling athletes to perform at the top of their game. Unrestricted breathing aids in athletic performance and the thin, flexible lip guard makes the Battle Oxygen one of the most comfortable football mouthguards on the market. This mouthguard is convertible; it may be worn strapped or un-strapped.

Binky Mouthguard Features:

  • One size; Recommended for ages 10 and up
  • 293% larger breathing hole than leading competitor
  • More oxygen available to the muscles and brain
  • Faster recovery period
  • Increased performance time, duration, and intensity
  • Convertible; may be worn strapped or un-strapped.

MPN: Baby Blue and White: 18MG001011 ; Baby Blue and Yellow: 18MG015011 ; Blue and White: 18MG000011 ; Navy and Neon Green: 18MG004017 ; Neon Green and Yellow: 18MG015004 ; Neon Green and White: 18MG000004 ; Orange and White: 18MG000013 ; Pink and Yellow: 18MG015005 ; Pink and Baby Blue: 18MG011005 ; Baby Blue and Pink: 18MG000005 ; Purple and White: 18MG000018 ; Red and White: 18MG000002 ; Yellow and White: 18MG000015

UPC: Baby Blue and White: 811243076499 ; Baby Blue and Yellow: 811243076475 ; Blue and White: 811243076451 ; Navy and Neon Green: 811243076437 ; Neon Green and Yellow: 811243076390 ; Neon Green and White: 811243076383 ; Orange and White: 811243076482 ; Pink and Yellow: 811243076413 ; Pink and Baby Blue: 811243076468 ; Baby Blue and Pink: 811243075164 ; Purple and White: 811243076444 ; Red and White: 811243076420 ; Yellow and White: 811243076406