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Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves
Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves
Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves
Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves
Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves

Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves

Item Number: BSS-TTRG
Regular Price: $48.99
(Save 29%)
Youth SMYouth MDYouth LGYouth XLAdult SM (+10.00)Adult MD (+10.00)Adult LG (+10.00)Adult XL (+10.00)Adult 2XL (+10.00)
  • Description

Battle Sports Triple Threat Receiver Gloves

The Triple Threat Receiver gloves are designed to improve ball handling and grip performance. UltraTack material located at the palms provides improved ball grip and decreases the chances of dropping the ball. Designed with a checkered pattern at the back of the hand that allows for improved range of motion, added comfort and breathability. Each glove has an adjustable wrist wrap that can be adjusted to the users preferred fit. The Triple Threat gloves meet all NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards.

Triple Threat Receiver Glove Features:

  • Improves ball grip and handling
  • UltraTack grip provides the highest legal stick/tack level
  • Adjustable wrist wrap with velcro closure
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards
  • Fortified stitching at the gloves vulnerable areas

Sizing Chart: Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm to determine the correct size:

Adult SM 7.0in - 7.25in
Adult MD 7.25in - 7.5in
Adult LG 7.5in - 7.75in
Adult XL 7.75in - 8.25in
Adult 2XL 8.25in & Up
Youth SM 6.25in & Under
Youth MD 6.25in - 6.5in
Youth LG 6.5in - 6.75in
Youth XL 6.75in - 7.0in

MPN: White Youth SM: 9330YS ; White Youth MD: 9330YM ; White Youth LG: 9330YL ; White Youth XL: 9330YXL ; White Adult SM: 9330AS ; White Adult MD: 9330AM ; White Adult LG: 9330AL ; White Adult XL: 9330AXL: ; White Adult 2XL: 9330AXXL: ; Black Youth SM: 9332YS ; Black Youth MD: 9332YM ; Black Youth LG: 9332YL ; Black Youth XL: 9332YXL ; Black Adult SM: 9332AS ; Black Adult MD: 9332AM ; Black Adult LG: 9332AL ; Black Adult XL: 9332AXL: ; Black Adult 2XL: 9332AXXL: ; Pink Youth SM: 9333YS ; Pink Youth MD: 9333YM ; Pink Youth LG: 9333YL ; Pink Youth XL: 9333YXL ; Pink Adult SM: 9333AS ; Pink Adult MD: 9333AM ; Pink Adult LG: 9333AL ; Pink Adult XL: 9333AXL ; Gold Youth SM: 9335Y ; Gold Youth MD: 9335YM ; Gold Youth LG: 9335YL ; Gold Youth XL: 9335YXL ; Gold Adult SM: 9335AS ; Gold Adult MD: 9335AM ; Gold Adult LG: 9335AL ; Gold Adult XL: 9335AXL

UPC: White Youth SM: 811243073443 ; White Youth MD: 811243073436 ; White Youth LG: 811243073429 ; White Youth XL: 811243073450 ; White Adult SM: 811243052714 ; White Adult MD: 811243052707 ; White Adult LG: 811243052691 ; White Adult XL: 811243052721 ; White Adult 2XL: 811243052738 ; Black Youth SM: 811243073481 ; Black Youth MD: 811243073474 ; Black Youth LG: 811243073467 ; Black Youth XL: 811243073498 ; Black Adult SM: 811243052769 ; Black Adult MD: 811243052752 ; Black Adult LG: 811243052745 ; Black Adult XL: 811243052776 ; Black Adult 2XL: 811243052783 ; Pink Youth SM: 811243073689 ; Pink Youth MD: 811243073672 ; Pink Youth LG: 811243073665 ; Pink Youth XL: 811243073696 ; Pink Adult SM: 811243073641 ; Pink Adult MD: 811243073634 ; Pink Adult LG: 811243073627 ; Pink Adult XL: 811243073658 ; Gold Youth SM:811243073764 ; Gold Youth MD: 811243073757 ; Gold Youth LG: 811243073740 ; Gold Youth XL: 811243073771 ; Gold Adult SM: 811243073726 ; Gold Adult MD: 811243073719 ; Gold Adult LG: 811243073702 ; Gold Adult XL: 811243073733