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Cast Comfort Spray- Stop Itching

Cast Comfort Spray- Stop Itching

Cast Comfort Spray
Cools the Itch - Stops the Odor!

We understand that casts can be very uncomfortable. Let's face it, there's nothing more miserable than wearing a cast, especially with the incessant itching you just can't seem to reach. Poking around with sharp objects such as a coat hanger can cut you and end up infecting the area and making matters worse and even dangerous. Now there is an answer to help cast discomfort! With Cast Comfort Spray, this unbelievable talc spray can instantly and safely relieve the cast itch for hours.

  • Spray under cast through a thin applicator tube which will blast the irritated skin with a cold sensation that will provide an instant relief from the heat and moisture inside the cast.
  • Helps get rid of moisture which causes the infamous ''smelly cast syndrome''.
  • Please follow manufacturer's directions and instructions.
  • This product replaces our CAST BLAST product which has been discontinued.
  • Cast comfort spray may not be used with sutures, stitches, or open wounds.
  • Since this product contains contents under pressure, it is subject to shipping restrictions, outlined below.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of federal regulations and shipping restictions, this item can only be shipped via ground transportation within the continental United States. As such, it may not be available for Overnight, 2-Day, or 3-Day delivery. Please call for shipping availability. If this item is part of a larger order and you select an expedited delivery method, it may be shipped separately and arrive in 1 - 5 business days.