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Cover Roll Stretch Adhesive Bandage

Cover Roll Stretch is a cross-elastic non-woven bandage that provides light compression while delivering the same quality features as the Cover-roll. It is excellent for areas requiring flexibility and freedom from constraint, while providing superior holding power.

Cover Roll Stretch is excellent for areas requiring flexibility and additional adhesive strength. This stretch gauze bandage retains dressings on wound and surgical sites ranging from small to large. It also provides fixation of catheters and tubes.

Use Cover Roll Stretch Tape alone or under Leukotape P Sportstape (also available). Cover Roll Stretch and Leukotape P are products specifically designed for the patellofemoral (McConnell) taping technique for correcting patellar position.

  • Excellent for areas requiring flexibility
  • Offers the convenience of single-sheet taping over dressings
  • Cut to size to secure virtually any dressing
  • Air and exudate permeable, hypoallergenic and radio-translucent
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