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Cramergesic Tube by Cramer

Cramergesic Tube by CramerCramergesic Ointment - 2.75 oz. Tube

Perfect for a gym-bag or backpack, this tube contains 2.75 ounces of Cramer's mild-strength pain-relieving Cramergesic ointment. Great for dealing with the aches and pains associated with workouts, many people use it for sore joints, arthritis, bursitis, and back pain as well.

Cramergesic Features:

  • Active ingredients of Methyl Salicylate and Menthol
  • A long-lasting petroleum base.
  • Mild formula helps relieve pain quickly with less chance of irritation.
  • Excellent for loosening tight muscles prior to workout.

A staple in locker rooms around the country for nearly a century, Cramergesic has helped countless athletes of the years. Also available in an economical 1 Pound Jar.

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UPC: 311960045445