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Drop it in 6 Weight Loss Set for Men

Drop it in 6 Weight Loss Set for MenThis special set is offered in conjuction with the AquaJogger® "Drop it in 6 Challenge".The set features a belt from our SHAPE line which is recommended for weight loss and injury rehabilitation


  • Shape Pro Buoyancy Belt - A new men's favorite for core strengthening and vertical lift. With a lowered arch and longer sides, the belt distributes buoyancy more evenly and does not tend to ride-up.

  • DeltaBells - Hand gear provides an upper body workout and stability. The unique triangle design offers variable resistance at the turn of a wrist.

  • X-Cuffs - For a more intense lower body workout. X-cuffs are worn around the ankle to add resistance in deep or shallow water.

  • Mesh Bag - Transport your gear to the pool in style. This mesh tote will fit all of your gear, a swimsuit, and towel.

  • Getting Started video - With exercises and equipment tips

  • Water Workout Guide - Featuring top exercises