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DMC Warrior Fins
DMC Warrior Fins

DMC Warrior Fins

Item Number: DMC-WARRIOR
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DMC Warrior Fins

DMC Warrior Fins are similar in design and function to the DMC Elite Fins. The main difference between the two, are the special attention that is put into the Warrior Fins to prevent skin chaffing and irritations. Warrior Fins are intended for long duration use to strengthen muscles and improve kicking.

The DMC Warrior Fins are designed with a silicone material that is intended to improve kicking and prevent any abrasions and skin irritations that can occur with other swim fins. Typically, swim fins are made with a rubber material can cause irritations to the skin and are difficult to keep below water. Silicone is denser than water which means they are more likely to stay under the water while swimming. The Fins may be used by both amateur and professional swimmers. When used, the Warrior Fins help to strengthen the leg muscles and improve the swimmers kick balance after the fins have been removed. The silicone material that the fins are made of create 'lift' while swimming which helps to improve swim kick balance and helps to prevent tears and splits in the fins.

Warrior Fin pairs have Left and Right orientations helping to reduce muscle cramps in the legs and provide hours of comfort to the feet. Designed to prevent chaffing at the ankle and feet by using rounded edges that are soft.

Unlike many fins on the market today, the DMC Warrior fins are constructed to be short yet wide, making kicking easier and helping the prevention of fins bumping while swimming.

DMC Warrior Fins are made with a 'V Rail' that channels the water to make kicking easier and more efficient. Each Warrior Fin is designed to be proportionate with itself depending upon the person's foot size. These fins are used by both Olympians and professional athletes!

Warrior Fin Features:

  • Intended to improve swimmers kick balance and kick strength
  • Designed with silicone instead of rubber for the ultimate skin protection
  • Each pair is designed with left/right foot orientations for better training and ease of use
  • Used by both amateurs and professionals

Sizing Chart: Determine the correct fin size according to normal shoe size:

S Men's 4 - 5 / Women's 6 - 7
M Men's 6 - 7 / Women's 8 - 9
ML Men's 8 - 9 / Women's 10 - 11
L Men's 10 - 11 / Women's 11 - 12
XL Men's 12+ / Women's 13+

MPN: Bronze S: DMCWF1 ; Bronze M: DMCWF2 ; Bronze ML: DMCWF3 ; Bronze L: DMCWF4 ; Bronze XL: DMCWF5

UPC: Bronze S: 797776458707 ; Bronze M: 797776458714 ; Bronze ML: 797776458721 ; Bronze L: 797776458738 ; Bronze XL: 797776458745