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Donjoy Elastic Wrist with Palmer Stay
Donjoy Elastic Wrist with Palmer Stay

Donjoy Elastic Wrist with Palmer Stay

Item Number: DJO-DA161WB01
Regular Price: $26.99
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  • Description

DonJoy Advantage Stabilizing Elastic Wrist

The Elastic Wrist is intended to provide pain relief and support to wrists that are injured, sprained or weak. The Elastic Wrist also provides support and relief to users who have Carpal Tunnel or tendonitis. Designed with palmar padding that is moldable and removable depending on each users unique needs. Great for use while doing routine activities. Constructed with a wrap-around design for easy on and off application as well as an adjustable fit.

Elastic Wrist Features:

  • Helps to relieve pain associated with sprains, strains, Carpal Tunnel and tendonitis
  • Removable and moldable padded palmar included
  • Wrap around design allows for easy on/off application
  • Great for use during everyday activities

Sizing Chart: Determine the correct size by measuring the circumference of the wrist:

XS-SM 4.5in - 6.5
MD-LG 6.5in - 8.5in
XL 8.5in - 9.5in

MPN: Grey Left XS-SM: DA161WB01-GRY-XS,S-L ; Grey Left MD-LG: DA161WB01-GRY, M,L-L ; Grey Left XL: DA161WB01-GRY-XL-L ; Tan Left XS-SM: DA161WB01-TAN-XS,S-L ; Tan Left MD-LG: DA161WB01-TAN-M,L-L ; Tan Left XL: DA161WB01-TAN-XL-L ; Grey Right XS-SM: DA161WB01-GRY-XS,S-R ; Grey Right MD-LG: DA161WB01-GRY, M,L-R ; Grey Right XL: DA161WB01-GRY-XL-R ; Tan Right XS-SM: DA161WB01-TAN-XS,S-R ; Tan Right MD-LG: DA161WB01-TAN-M,L-R Tan Right XL: DA161WB01-TAN-XL-R

UPC: Grey Left XS-SM: 190446209867 ; Grey Left MD-LG: 190446209881 ; Grey Left XL: 190446209904 ; Tan Left XS-SM: 190446209805 ; Tan Left MD-LG: 190446209829 ; Tan Left XL: 190446209843 ; Grey Right XS-SM: 190446209850 ; Grey Right MD-LG: 190446209874 ; Grey Right XL: 190446209898 ; Tan Right XS-SM: 190446209799 ; Tan Right MD-LG: 190446209812 ; Tan Right XL: 190446209836