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Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel- 32oz Bottle
Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel- 32oz Bottle

Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel- 32oz Bottle

Item Number: HOY-2006-32
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  • Description

Dr. Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel - 32oz Bottle

Dr. Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel is a new and extremely effective option for athletes of all ages and levels. The unique formula in Dr. Hoy's is cool when applied and gradually warms to help reduce the pain from overworked muscles. Many users apply Dr. Hoy's 15 minutes prior to exercise to help reduce stiffness during a work-out and also after exercise to soothe sore muscles.

Dr. Hoy's Features:

  • Active ingredients: 5% Camphor / 5% Menthol.
  • Time-release menthol for hours of soothing relief.
  • Helps reduce inflammation and increase flexibility.
  • Water-based formula contains no oils.
  • Great for use both before and after workouts.
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin - pH balanced formula.
  • FDA Registered.

The unique formula that makes Dr. Hoy's so effective starts with Camphor and time-release Menthol and also contains the powerful, natural anti-inflammatory Arnica Montana to help reduce swelling. Dr. Hoy's is gentle on the skin, with moisturizers and softeners including Fucogel, Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Encapsulated Vitamin E, and Szechwan Pepper, which helps protect the skin from irritation. Unlike many topical pain relief products, Dr. Hoy's contains no oils or residues and will not stain clothing or leave lingering odors.

Instructions: Please see all directions warnings by the manufacturer. Do not use on open wounds, cracked, open, or irritated skin. For best results, apply to the affected area and use multiple layers for for moderate or sever symptoms. Dr. Hoy's can be used up to four times daily.

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