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Full Length Face Shield 10-piece pack
Full Length Face Shield 10-piece pack

Full Length Face Shield 10-piece pack

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  • Description

Dyna Face Shield

The Dyna Face Shield is intended to protect the face from liquid splashes and particles. The shield is full length and bends around the head to cover the entirety of the face (9in in length). Each shield is coated with an Anti-Fog agent to reduce fogging on the shield. Designed with an elastic headband that has a 1.5in foam pad to lift the shield away from the face, as well as provide comfort to the forehead!

Though traditional facemasks have their benefits, face shields are much more easily cleaned and disinfected with household cleaners. They are easier to manufacture and acquire and it is much easier to breath when wearing a faceshield. Faceshields also have the added benefit of clear plastic that allows the full face to be visible to others.

Dyna Face Shield Features:

  • Intended to protect the face from liquid splashing and particles
  • 10 shields per package
  • Full face coverage
  • Padded elastic headband
  • Anti-fog coating
  • May be worn over glasses
  • These are made for one time use for safety but many are wearing them over and over if clean. This is a personal liability choice.
  • Easy to clean

MPN: DFSM-1-10

UPC: 019954335267