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Pro-ferred Finger Splint Box

Pro-ferred Finger Splint BoxHere is a great single use finger splint for sprains or injuries to the PIP and DIP joints (knuckles). This is a metal and latex free finger splint that is slim, semi flexible and partially immobilizes the finger. It allows the wearer to continue most of their routine work or activities.Fits most teens and adult fingers.

Each box contains 12 disposable finger splints (9 for mixed box).

  • Game-legal
  • Unobtrusive, easily slides under athletic & work gloves
  • Works well for light to moderate finger injuries.
  • Excellent for Basketball, Softball, Baseball and other sports.
  • Sizing:
    Small- Fingers under 2.5 inches
    Medium- Fingers between 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches
    Large- Fingers over 3.5 inches
    Mixed- 3 small, 3 medium, 3 large

    Here’s how to apply your fingersplint:

  • Clean finger. Do not apply over an open wound.
  • Measure for a proper fit.
  • Peel off backing.
  • Place splint on front of finger, with the adhesive side down and touching the skin.
  • Firmly wrap around finger.
  • Fold the splint down to the back of the finger.
  • Firmly wrap around finger.
  • Flatten down any area not adhered to finger.
  • Disposable, change splint daily