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Hamstring Stretch RX


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The StretchRite Product

The Hamstring Stretch RX works like your own personal trainer. The superior supine (back lying) positioning isolates hamstring muscles for optimal stretching while preventing injury by protecting the low back. Hamstring Stretch-Rx™ is light, portable and convenient for use at home as well as travel yet durable enough to be used in the clinic or training room. The unique handle with its rapid line-length adjustment and release lever allows for dramatically increased flexibility (range of motion) improvement. In addition, contract-relax and hold-relax routines formerly requiring assistance of a therapist or trainer can now be done independently to further enhance flexibility. Includes exercise guide designed by a physical therapist and comes with a drawstring bag for easy transport.

  • Treat and prevent tight hamstrings independently.
  • Pillow Soft foam ankle cuff.
  • Allows for stretches greater than 90 degrees.
  • Compact for home or travel.
  • The Flexible Anchoring options allow you to connect to eye bolts, hinge side of door, fence, post or pole.