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KneedIT XM Magnetic Knee Guard
KneedIT XM Magnetic Knee Guard

KneedIT XM Magnetic Knee Guard

Item Number: KNE-kneexm
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  • Description

KneedIT XM is a magnetic variation of the original KneedIT.

  • KneedIT XM is designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pain commonly associated with arthritis, tendonitis and chondromalacia.

  • As you move, KneedIT XM gently applies pressure to the joint liner and patellar tendon and assists in the relief of minor knee pain, soreness, stiffness and inflammation.

  • By stabilizing the inferior pole of the patella, KneedIT XM also may improve patellar tracking.

  • KneedIT XM introduces the use of magnetic therapy. "Magna-Therapy", as it often is called, utilizes magnetic pads attached to appendage to enhance natural healing in the patellar tendon and/or ligament areas of the knee.

  • One Size fits all

    *Although not yet approved by the U.S. FDA, magnetic therapy is being investigated as a new remedy for many Repetitive Stress Injuries by the National Institute of Health Office of Alternative Medicine.