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Kool 'N Fit Sport Conditioning Fluid 1 Gallon
Kool 'N Fit Sport Conditioning Fluid 1 Gallon

Kool 'N Fit Sport Conditioning Fluid 1 Gallon

Item Number: KNF-SP1G
Regular Price: $199.99
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  • Description
Kool N Fit Sport Conditioning Fluid is a powerful, all natural external muscle spray for better warm-up, increased endurance, and faster recovery. It is liquid, non-staining and easy to use. Leaves no messy residue and has a refreshing aroma-therapy scent. The ingredients include alcohol, deionized water, menthol, camphor, juniper berry oil, peppermint oil and other essential herbal oils.

  • Antispasmodic ingredients help the body to avoid spasm or cramping during and after sport.

  • Relaxed muscles allow better stretching, they work more efficient, and are harder to strain or tear. This means better warm-up, higher performance, and less injury for you.

  • Increases blood flow to give your muscles a chance to prepare for the upcoming activity. Better supply of oxygen and nutrients means more energy during competition, helps to recover after sports, and promotes the healing process after injury.