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DryPro™ Leg Cast Cover Reference Chart

DryPro™ Leg Cast Cover Reference Chart

Arm and Leg Cast Covers are designed to fit snugly, especially the opening at the end of the cast cover where the arm and leg cast covers must remain sealed. Move the extra length to the middle of the limb, the excess material will just suck in on itself when the vacuum is created.

Please Note: the half arms and half legs are not normaly used for children. Pediatric patients almost always use full arm or leg covers.

DryPro™ Leg Cast Covers


Leg Cast Cover Style


Leg Circumference

X-Small Full Leg FL-12 7.5-11 in
19 in

Small Full Leg FL-14 14-16.5 in
29 in

Medium Full Leg FL-16 16.5-21 in
33 in

Large Full Leg FL-18 21 & up
37 in

Adult Small Half Leg HL-13 10-13 in
21 in

Adult Large Half Leg HL-15 13 in & up

The circumference measurement is very important for proper sizing, excess length will be removed by the vacuum.

Click here for Sizing Instructions

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