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Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount (helmet not included)
Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount (helmet not included)
Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount (helmet not included)
Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount (helmet not included)
Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount (helmet not included)

Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount (helmet not included)

Item Number: MKT-QMKIT
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  • Description

Markwort C-Flap with Quick Mount

The patented C-FLAP is used at all levels of competition. Made of Lexan, the C-FLAP attaches easily to the ear flap of the batter's helmet, and protects the leading cheek and jaw from injuries caused by wild throws and pitches. Designed to provide great protection without sacrificing either vision or airflow, this shield allows batters to play with added confidence!

The included Quick Mount allows the C-Flap to be attached to 12 different batting helmets without having to drill into the helmet. The Quick Mount is designed to align with the holes that are already pre-drilled into most batting helmets. Markworts Quick Mount fastening hardware system allows the C-Flap to be securely fastened to helmets for the ultimate jaw and cheek protection.

C-Flap with Quick Mount Features:

  • Quick Mount attachment allows the C-Flap to be attached to 12 popular batting helmets without drilling
  • C-Flap protects the cheek and jaw from stray throws and pitches
  • C-Flap is made of Lexan; lightweight and durable.
  • Fits both adult and youth helmets
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available for either left- or right-handed batters

MPN: Black Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-B ; Black Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-B ; Cardinal Red Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-CD ; Cardinal Red Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-CD ; Clear Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-C ; Clear Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-C ; Dark Green Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-DG ; Dark Green Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-DG ; Navy Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-N ; Navy Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-N ; Purple Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-P ; Purple Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-P ; Scarlet Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-S ; Scarlet Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-S ; Royal Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-R ; Royal Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-R ; White Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHB-W ; White Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHB-W ; Matte Black Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHBM-B ; Matte Black Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHBM-B ; Matte Navy Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHBM-N ; Matte Navy Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHBM-N ; Matte Scarlet Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHBM-S ; Matte Scarlet Right-Handed Batter: CQM-RHBM-S ; Matte Royal Left-Handed Batter: CQM-LHBM-R ; Matte Royal Right-Handed Batter: CQM-LHBM-L

UPC: Black Left-Handed Batter: 016562002673 ; Black Right-Handed Batter: 016562002802 ; Cardinal Red Left-Handed Batter: 016562002734 ; Cardinal Red Right-Handed Batter: 016562002864 ; Clear Left-Handed Batter: 016562002758 ; Clear Right-Handed Batter: 016562002888 ; Dark Green Left-Handed Batter: 016562002727 ; Dark Green Right-Handed Batter: 016562002857 ; Navy Left-Handed Batter: 016562002703 ; Navy Right-Handed Batter: 016562002833 ; Purple Left-Handed Batter: 016562002741 ; Purple Right-Handed Batter: 016562002871 ; Scarlet Left-Handed Batter: 016562002697 ; Scarlet Right-Handed Batter: 016562002826 ; Royal Left-Handed Batter: 016562002680 ; Royal Right-Handed Batter: 016562002819 ; White Left-Handed Batter: 016562002710 ; White Right-Handed Batter: 016562002840 ; Matte Black Left-Handed Batter: 016562002765 ; Matte Black Right-Handed Batter: 016562002895 ; Matte Navy Left-Handed Batter: 016562002796 ; Matte Navy Right-Handed Batter: 016562002925 ; Matte Scarlet Left-Handed Batter: 016562002789 ; Matte Scarlet Right-Handed Batter: 016562002918 ; Matte Royal Left-Handed Batter: 016562002772 ; Matte Royal Right-Handed Batter: 016562002901