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Mueller THE ONE Ankle Brace - Black
Mueller THE ONE Ankle Brace - Black

Mueller THE ONE Ankle Brace - Black

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  • Description

Mueller's "THE ONE" Ankle Brace

The only one you'll need for moderate support to replace ankle taping

The Mueller ankle brace called "the one" is the newest and most advanced sports medicine ankle brace in the Mueller line. This brace is supremely light and low profile, making it easy and comfortable to wear during competition. It can be used to help support strained, sprained, twisted, tweaked, sore or swollen ankles, and given thestructure of the anti-slip side straps it helps protect against both inversion and eversion ankle sprains. These adjustable straps create a figure 8 pattern to simulate athletic taping technique for use in basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and other high-impact sports.

The One ankle brace is the new star of Mueller's ankle brace line for a number of reasons:

  • Comfort - The One is super low profile and fits easily in cleats and sneakers
  • Versatility - can be used for multiple sports
  • Adjustability - criss-crossed side straps allow for maximum adjustment in fit

Mueller's "The One" ankle brace fits either left or right ankles and is neoprene-free and latex-free. Use standard U.S. shoe sizes to determine size:

  • X-Small = Men's 6-7 / Women's 7-8
  • Small = Men's 7-9 / Women's 8-10
  • Medium = Men's 9-11 / Women's 10-12
  • Large = Men's 11-13 / Women's 12-14
  • X-Large = Men's 13-15 / Women's 14-16
  • 2X-Large = Men's 15-17 / Women's 16-18
  • 3X-Large = Men's 17-19 / Women's 18-20