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NuttyBuddy Protective Cup

NuttyBuddy Protective Cup

NuttyBuddy™ Award-Winning Athletic Cups

If you thought all cups were the same, then you haven't seen NuttyBuddy's innovative line of award-winning athletic cups. Featured on Fox Sports, ESPN, and CNN for their revolutionary anatomical design, these cups have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the force of impact and help minimize risk to players. Excellent for use in most sports, including: hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, motocross, or football.

NuttyBuddy™ Cup Features:

  • Incredible design helps to dissipate more force than traditional cups.
  • Comfortable, the cup cradles the wearer and has a cushioned edge.
  • Ventilated to improve air flow.
  • Winner of the Industrial Designers Society of America (ISDA) Award.
  • Available in 5 sizes.

Size Chart: Based on a combination of height and weight.

Cup StyleHeightWeightCup Depth
HammerUp to 4'6''Up to 80 pounds1.75''
BossUp to 5'6''80 - 130 pounds2''
Hog5'6'' - 6'0''130 - 170 pounds2.25''
Trophy 6'0 - 6'3''170 - 210 pounds2.375''
MongoOver 6'2''Over 210 pounds2.5''

Please Note: if you fall between sizes, the manufacturer recommends using weight rather than height.

MPN: Hammer:11050, Boss:11051, Hog:11052, Trophy:11053, Mongo:11054.

UPC: Hammer:696859009938, Boss:696859009921, Hog:696859009976, Trophy:696859009969, Mongo:696859010019.