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Pain Relief Sampler
Pain Relief Sampler
Pain Relief Sampler
Pain Relief Sampler
Pain Relief Sampler

Pain Relief Sampler

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Pain Relief Sampler

One of the most common questions we get here at IthacaSports.Com is which topical analgesic works the best. Well, people are so different that one will swear by Golden Tiger while another insists that China Gel cannot be surpassed.For some the refreshing orange scent of Original Warm Therapy Sombra makes it the ideal choice. Hot, Cold, Ilex, Menthol, Camphor, Arnica what it really boils down to is what product will work best for you. We have devised an economical solution to the "which product is right for me?" dilemma. By combining several of our most popular topical analgesics into one sample package, you can find muscle pain relievers that meet your individual needs without spending a lot of money on a product you wind up not liking.

Sampler Includes: (note products may vary slightly)

  • 2 x Stopain Packets.
  • 2 x Sombra Warm Therapy Packets.
  • 2 x Sombra Cool Therapy Packets.
  • 2 x China Gel Packets.
  • 2 x Golden Tiger Packets.
  • 2 x Sore No More Warm Packets.
  • 2 x Sore No More Cool Packets.
  • 2 x Dr Hoy's Pain Relief Packets.

Please note that with all these products you should avoid contact with eyes or mucus membranes. Avoid contact with broken or blistered skin, including open wounds. Contents are subject to change without notice, based on product availability.