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Posture Pump PENTAVEC - Model 2500
Posture Pump PENTAVEC - Model 2500

Posture Pump PENTAVEC - Model 2500

Item Number: POS-2500
Regular Price: $299.99
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  • Description

Posture Pump PENTAVEC - Model 2500

The PENTAVEC 2500 is designed with two air cells that the lowest portion of the back should be laid on. The product also features a foot rest that is to be used after the two air cells have been inflated using the included hand pumps. When the air cells are inflated, the user should start with the knees bent and then push the foot rest with the heels until the legs are straight. While this is happening, the inflated air cells lift and expand joints and discs in the lower spine. When the joints are expanded, natural fluids are able to lubricate the spinal joints providing pain relief and some correction to the back. The air cells paired with the pushing of the foot rest allow the sacrum to unwind and discs in the lower back to decompress!

PENTAVEC Features:

  • Intended to relieve compression in the lower back and lubricate the spinal joints.
  • Easy to use and convenient to travel with.
  • This product cannot be duplicated manually; it is truly one of a kind!
  • Intended to provide correction to lower back discs, sacrum and pelvis.


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