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ProStretch Boomerang Roller Massage Strap
ProStretch Boomerang Roller Massage Strap

ProStretch Boomerang Roller Massage Strap

Item Number: PSAD-S02109
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  • Description

Prostretch Boomerang Full Body Massage Roller

The Boomerang Full Body Massage Roller is the perfect tool for relieving tension and stress in tight or sore muscles. When used, the roller helps reduce lactic acid buildup and improves muscle function after strenuous activity. The roller is long enough to be used on any muscle in the body.

The rollers strap design allows the massage roller to contour to any part of the body. Great for massaging the feet, arms, shoulders and more. The strap design also allows for a more effective massage to the tendons, muscle fibers and ligaments. Handles on both ends of the strap allow the user full control and stability of the massage roller.

The Boomerang Massager has three traditional massage rollers (solid blue) and three rollers (blue and grey) that feature the special Skin Surface Technology. The Skin Surface Rollers are coated with a soft grip material that provides muscle rehydration and aids in reducing lactic acid in the muscles.

The Boomerang Full Body Massager is designed with a durable material that can handle any weight or tension without breaking down. Easily stores for on-the-go use!

Full Body Massage Roller Features:

  • Roller strap design allows the massager to contour to the body
  • Relieves stress, tension and knots from muscles
  • Aides in lactic acid reduction in the muscles
  • Skin Surface Technology helps to rehydrate the muscles
  • Durable and easy to take on-the-go

MPN: S02109

UPC: 038016021092