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ProStretch Knot Releaser Massage Cane

ProStretch Knot Releaser Massage Cane

Prostretch Knot Releaser Massage Cane

The Knot Bad Releaser Massage Cane is designed to provide a deep tissue massage where muscle knots are located. The Cane has 4 knobs with round nodes that help target knots and pressure points with ease. The nodes connect with the muscle fascia to provide deep relief.

The Knot Releaser measures at 17.38"L x 8.19"W making it long enough to massage areas that are hard to reach. The massager is great for massaging muscles in the neck, back, legs and hips.

Massage Cane Features:

  • Intended to target and massage hard to reach areas of the body
  • Designed with 4 knobs that connect to fascia for a deep massage and knot removal
  • Dense-flexible plastic is easy to maneuver

MPN: S02303

UPC: 038016023034